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How an Organizing Professional Transformed Her Business with Kamloops Innovation

At the start of the global pandemic four years ago, Kate Kalnin made the transformative decision to pivot from working in interior design to launching her professional organizing business, “Centered Space Organizing”. The shift not only marked a change in her career path but also set her on a journey of personal and professional growth.

In September 2023, Kate joined Kamloops Innovation’s mentorship program, where she has since benefited from essential support and guidance from entrepreneur-in-residence John Zubak. Her choice to work with Kamloops Innovation would significantly shape the trajectory of her business.

Before Kate joined Kamloops Innovation (KI), she was already deeply involved in the professional organizing industry and running her own business. However, she found herself primarily working in her business, rather than on it. This led to a plateau in business growth as most of her time was spent servicing her clients. Recognizing the need for a change, she sought the expertise and guidance of KI to help her scale her operations and focus more strategically on business development.

“I had hit a plateau in my business and needed that extra hand to take the next step. Now, John and I meet weekly with set goals and deliverables. It’s like having a cheerleader and a coach in your corner,” said Kate. “It’s easy to set goals for yourself when things aren’t so busy, but when the work ramps up, it’s much more motivating to have someone else holding you accountable to hit those goals.”

Running your own business brings with it an array of challenges, from administrative tasks to client management. Kate quickly recognized the areas where she excelled and those where she needed support.

It’s like having a cheerleader and a coach in your corner

“Kate's vision expanded to include building a team where she could focus more on customer interactions and empowering clients to achieve their visions while also training others to handle different aspects of the service," explained John. "A lot of our focus has been on working with Kate to develop systems for having a sales process, looking closely at the areas where she can use efficiency with technology to support what she does.”

When an entrepreneur like Kate starts with Kamloops Innovation, they start by analyzing every aspect of their business and where they wish to go next. The process begins with an in-depth evaluation akin to a doctor's consultation. Entrepreneurs sit down with KI mentors, and like medical patients explaining symptoms to a doctor, they discuss the current state of their business. This includes operational dynamics, product positioning, and time management strategies.

KI mentors focus on distinguishing the symptoms from the underlying problems of the business. This initial deep dive is crucial for developing a precise understanding of the entrepreneur's business activities and challenges. From there, KI and the entrepreneur collaboratively develop a strategic plan customized to achieve the entrepreneur's long-term goals.

“I am just so grateful that the service exists. Even if you think you have most things in your business dialled in, someone like John will always have a different perspective of how things could be better, and Kamloops Innovation also has a wealth of other professionals in niche fields to help fill in any other gaps,” said Kate.

a fantastic resource for new and experienced entrepreneurs to level up their business

Not only does Kate work directly with her mentor, John, but she also benefits from the broader support network within KI. This includes quarterly meetings akin to board meetings, where she engages with other entrepreneurs in residence. These sessions provide a forum for ongoing support, advice, and strategic adjustment, ensuring that entrepreneurs like Kate not only envision their path to success but also stay on track to achieve it.

One piece of advice she would share from her journey with other business owners or budding entrepreneurs is to “Just start.”

“Start with the rough and just get going; don’t wait for all the information; buy the business domain, get the social handle, and just get started. You can paralyze yourself chasing perfection,” said Kate, adding that those who want to take the leap with KI should also explore that option without hesitation. “Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the support that’s out there? This is a fantastic resource for new and experienced entrepreneurs to level up their business with consistent guidance from a mentor who is focused on seeing you grow and succeed.”



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