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Kamloops Innovation launches project to help small and medium-sized businesses learn and adopt no-code AI solutions

Kamloops – Kamloops Innovation (KI) is pleased to announce the launch of the Discovery Foundation’s Applied AI for Business and Education Program aimed at supporting the education and adoption of the latest no-code AI business tools and platforms. Through its partnership as an agent of the Discovery Foundation’s Technology Education Program, KI will host a series of educational events, workshops and one-on-one learning and mentorship opportunities for interested businesses in the Kamloops region.


Generative AI and no-code AI tools are designed to make AI more accessible to individuals and businesses without the need for extensive coding knowledge, democratizing access to AI-powered tools and fostering innovation.


“Embracing Artificial Intelligence is no longer an option, but an essential avenue for maintaining a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. Our initiative promises to enhance capacity in the business and industrial sectors across Kamloops and its neighbouring regions,” said KI executive director, Michael Andrews.


“A key aspect of this project is to reinforce our commitment to fostering growth in Indigenous businesses, providing youth with opportunities to engage with businesses and technology, and ensuring companies lead by women and new Canadians have opportunities to engage with the latest AI tools.”


Computer Science and Engineering students at TRU will play a key role in educating businesses through hosting hands-on workshops and providing technology adoption and education support for participating businesses.


“This is the right time to be launching this project,” said Musfiq Rahman, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Computing Science. “Businesses will have the opportunity to learn how to navigate use and apply these new tools and platforms, and our students gain valuable experience by supporting them in learning to create powerful, customizable tools.”


“It’s a win/win opportunity for both businesses and our students, who will learn important essential skills to help advance their careers,” said Kevin O’Neil, Computer Science faculty and project liaison.


Sarah Mathieu, Director & Founder, My Broker Pro Marketing Agency Ltd., is thrilled for the opportunity to learn how to integrate these tools into her business. “Successfully growing my business will require both an understanding of and access to those technologies that can help. AI is fast becoming a key lever in growing revenue, boosting operational efficiency, and improving my customers’ experiences. I’m excited to be a part of the Kamloops Innovation program that will help my business gain a competitive by adopting and implementing no-code AI tools that will support better decision-making and enhance efficiency and productivity gains.”


The benefits of learning and using no-code tools in business operations include time and cost savings, increasing efficiency, streamlining business processes and workflows, resulting in better customer service and freeing up employees to focus on mission-critical tasks that require human expertise.





Michael Andrews, Executive Director

Kamloops Innovation


About Kamloops Innovation

Kamloops Innovation supports entrepreneurs throughout the Thompson, Nicola, and Cariboo regions of British Columbia. We focus on new business start-ups that need support and guidance as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. For more information go to


About the Discovery Foundation

A registered charity, the Discovery Foundation has been a committed champion and enabler of the science and technology sector in BC since its formation in 1979. Its principal activity is the delivery of the Technology Education Program via agents that provide education and guidance to entrepreneurs in BC. The Foundation also provides funds for research and scholarship. For more information on the TEP winners, go to



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