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Partner Spotlight: KPMG's Collaboration with Kamloops Innovation Empowers Local Entrepreneurs

In the fast-growing entrepreneurial landscape of the Thompson Okanagan region, KPMG has emerged as a steadfast ally to local businesses through its collaboration with Kamloops Innovation. Paula Presta, Partner at KPMG Enterprise, sheds light on the significance of this partnership and its profound impact on the entrepreneurial community. 

Presta, a founding member of Kamloops Innovation as a Society in 2012, provided valuable insight and engagement into the setup and purpose of the Society. Since then, KPMG has been a partner to Kamloops Innovation in its journey to provide local innovation and technology support to the local community. 

“We believe Kamloops Innovation members benefit from the mentorship, services and advice from KPMG Kamloops by having a steady hand to guide them in their financial journey whilst also getting world-class service locally,” said Presta, adding, “KPMG really appreciates the partnership with Kamloops Innovation. It allows us to meet new people, use our skillsets to mentor and assist new entrepreneurs, and share in their excitement.” 

Kamloops Innovation serves as a vital resource for local entrepreneurs, offering mentorship, seminars, and inspiration. KPMG recognizes the importance of financial acumen for small businesses and actively engages with Kamloops Innovation to provide educational sessions, on-site support, and affordable accounting and tax services. 

Through its partnership, KPMG aims to empower entrepreneurs with financial expertise and assist them in navigating often complex financial and tax obligations. Initiatives include providing office hours, hosting educational workshops, and offering discounted services tailored to startups' needs. 

KPMG Kamloops takes a hands-on approach to mentorship, working closely with entrepreneurs to enhance their financial literacy and strategic planning. With over 25 entrepreneurs supported by KPMG Kamloops alone, KPMG's commitment to nurturing local talent is profound. 

“We partner with the entrepreneur and provide a discounted fixed price for two years as the company is building out. This includes as much mentoring and discussions as required and allows the owner to tap into the KPMG resources without worrying about the cost,” explained Presta.  

The partnership enriches both KPMG and Kamloops Innovation, fostering collaboration, skill-sharing, and community engagement. While pre-COVID initiatives were predominantly on-site, both organizations are adapting to the changing landscape and embracing online platforms to expand their reach. 

KPMG looks forward to continued collaboration with Kamloops Innovation, aligning with its strategic evolution.  

“We envision this to be an ongoing partnership through our involvement in education sessions, presentations, the Advisory Board and support of the talented Entrepreneurs in Residence,” said Presta.  

To learn more about KPMG Enterprises, click here: Follow Kamloops Innovation on our social media pages to stay updated on the various workshops and mentorship opportunities offered by Kamloops Innovation through such partnerships.  

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